About Tailor Empowerment

Tailor Empowerment’s mission is to bring participants into sustainable, meaningful income and help their families break the poverty cycle.

Globalization and digitalization, are creating incredible opportunities, but unfortunately not everyone has access to this level of job security and freedom.


A growing number of people are losing out. In many cases, entire communities  do not have access to the education and community support that is needed to enter into sustainable job markets in Europe where computer skills and multiple languages are required.


Through the combination of The Tailor Network and Tailor Empowerment we are successfully:

  • Reviving income opportunities through manual skills

  • Helping less educated people to learn the necessary skills to become seamstresses and tailors

  • Ensuring that they can master the transition to independent income earner




Almost 9 years ago I started volunteering in Budapest. Having been involved in many different projects over the years, two topics have emerged as most important to me personally. One is women in poverty and the other one is children´s rights and well-being in state care.


My first volunteer job was as a dance teacher for kids living in a Family Transition Home. I still volunteer there, but on a different project now. We run a bike workshop and organize free-time activities for kids living in state care. I´m also mentor to a teenage girl, living in state care.


Besides in Child Protection Service I also volunteer in homeless care facilities and an NGO, which focuses on harm reduction amongst prostitutes whilst being on the job.


Over the years, being involved in many projects, I have seen a broad variety of attempts to help. Most of them were based on great ideas, but many fell short on that final step, which would make it sustainable.


This is what makes Tailor Empowerment so special to me. All problems of struggling families are taken into consideration within this project, so participants are given every chance to succeed. 




As a society that is benefiting from automation and digitalization, I believe we owe it to those whose manual labor job opportunities are destroyed, that we make sure they still have an adequate living standard.


But I believe ‘charity’ /free-base income does not give a person the same feeling of self-respect as having the ability to earn their income by themselves. I believe we need to work harder to find solutions, and help these people contribute to our economy even if they don’t posses the skills for the digital work era.


For me The Tailor Network and Tailor Empowerment is one such solution. But we still have a long way to go and I hope you will support us along the way.


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