Our partners

Tailor Empowerment relies on its strong and trustworthy partners. When choosing cooperations the highest aim for TE is always to get the most reliable and acknowledged partners in their respective field. Partnerships have been established with the following organisations so far:


Széra - Szociális és Rehabilitációs Alapítvány
NGO Partner



Since 1997 Széra Foundation has been running two Transition Homes, one for families and one for homeless men. Over the past 2 decades the foundation has won several prizes for their innovative work and projects. 

Széra believes in the approach of “teaching a man how to fish” instead of hand-outs, while taking into consideration the everyday life and problems of their clients. The close cooperation between Széra and Tailor Empowerment is embodied in Réka Vig, a social worker at Széra, who will be participating in the first course full-time to ensure smooth and focused work for participants and teacher alike. Széra is putting Ms. Vig at Tailor Empowerment´s full-time disposal on its own expenses. 



Corporate Sponsorship Partners

As one of the biggest investment management companies it is a special honor for Tailor Empowerment (TE) to have BlackRock Hungary as one of their first and most committed supporters. Through their CSR-branch BlackRock enabled TE to kick off the first course for mothers from the Family Transition Home run by Széra.  They will be trained to become seamstresses with the hopes of  joining TheTailorNetwork afterwards. 

BlackRock is committed to support sustainable and such projects, which have large positive impact on their respective community, TE was found worthy of their trust and will live up to these expectations. But it´s not only through direct financial support but also through taking action how BlackRock is helping. By hosting a Tailor Network measuring and sales event the company took active steps to support Tailor Empowerment and its tightly connected business, TheTailorNetwork


The Tailor Network (TTN)

Sustainable Work Opportunity Partners


TTN sells high quality, tailor-made suits produced through a network of independent tailors here in Europe. Its unique process of centralised pattern making and work preparation allows the integration of qualified seamstresses into their network.

Through its unique approach of selling directly to customers on corporate inhouse tailoring events, TTN is creating new demand for tailors and qualified seamstresses, providing the work opportunities for our Tailor Empowerment program participants. 

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